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Q: Why chose Sammamish Baseball Club Spartans?

A: We have a track record of success on and off the field. Our organization has operated successfully since 2009. To date, we have over 120 players on 11 teams in our organization from ages 8-13U. We are a competitive program that emphasizes the fundamentals of the game while focusing on continuous player development. We have fun, win games, play good baseball, and build great relationships along the way. 

Q: Where do you practice and play games?

A:  Our off season winter training is at Sammamish Baseball Academy -Redmond and Field of Champions -Issaquah. Our fields are primarily on the Eastside in Sammamish, Issaquah, and Redmond area.

Q: What type of league do you play in?

A: All of our teams are little league friendly meaning that we do not conflict with the little league schedule. Most of our games/tournaments are held on non little league weekends and Sundays. Our older teams 11-13 play in the Seattle Elite League.

Q: How many games do you play and is there travel involved?

A: Our teams play around 30-40 games (8's & 9's) and 40-55 games (10's-13's) in the season. Games start as early as February and end the last week of July. Most teams will travel 1-2 times during the year for tournaments (Yakima, Spokane, Portland are most common trips).

Q: Who are the coaches?

A: Our coaching staff consists of volunteer parents who have previous playing experience and current experience coaching at the youth level. *We do have matching with Microsoft, Amazon, and other companies that do matching funds for volunteers work coach or serve on the board. 

Q: How does the tryout work and when will I be notified of the results?

A: All potential players are given equal opportunity to showcase their skills in fielding, hitting, pitching, catching, and running the bases. Our coaches look for a fundamental skill set, athleticism, hustle, and ability to take direction from the coaching staff. Players will be notified if they are selected to join the team within 2-3 days of the tryout if not sooner. 

Q: How much does it cost if I make the team?

A: Our budgets are set to provide our teams with the best equipment, uniforms, off season training, and fields available. All monies collected go back into our organization. *We do have matching with Microsoft, Amazon, and other companies that do matching funds for volunteers work coahc or serve on the board. We do not do mandatory fundraising as an organization. Any fundraising is done on a team by team basis for special trips, events, or uniforms. *Players/Parents are required to place a $500 non-refundable deposit down at the time of accepting the official offer email to play. 


8,9U = $1,250

10,11,12U= $1,500

13U= TBD

Q: Is my Spartans team fee refundable?
A: Your initial down payment of $500 is non refundable, the remainder is to be negotiated based on how much your player has participated in offseason training, uniform fitting/ordering, practices, games, etc. Please know that we ask you to take careful consideration when accepting an offer to play as that takes a spot away from another potential player if you then chose you do not want to participate at a later time. 

Q; What do the fees go towards?
A: Insurance, practice sites, game sites, facilities, equipment, umpires, and administration fees. 

Q: If my child has never played select baseball before, which level do you suggest they join?

A: That is up to the child and parent. Most players play at their age group, with a few exceptions playing the level above their age group.  Players cannot play below their age group. Prior experience is not a prerequisite to tryout for SBC. Feel free to contact SBC President Damen Schuneman to have a more in-depth discussion about what might be the best fit for your child.

Q:  When are tryouts for Sammamish Baseball Club (SBC) and when are teams announced?

A:  SBC holds tryouts in July of each year.  After tryouts, the teams are announced and posted on our website by the end of July.

Q:  How is the age determined for the Sammamish Baseball Club (SBC) teams?

A:  SBC plays in GSL, Seattle Elite, and USSSA tournaments and the tournament age determination is set based on the players birthday and age as of May 1st of each year (ex. If the player turns 11 prior to May 1st the player is tournament age 11, if the player turns 11 on May 1st or after the player is tournament age 10).

Q:  What is the Sammamish Baseball Club (SBC) affiliation with the Sammamish Baseball Academy (SBA)?

A:  SBC teams participate in winter training at the SBA facility and players are provided a "bag tag" that they show to gain entry to the SBA facility.  

Q: What are the requirements to Manager & Coach?

A:  The Manager/Head Coach is selected by the SBC Board and the coaches are generally selected by the Manager/Head Coach (with board approval) of each team.  Each Manager/Head Coach and Assistant Coach is required to pass a background check.  The Manager/Head Coach of each team must also take on the responsibility of scheduling practices, games, and tournaments for their teams. 

Q: When do practices start?
A: Teams begin practices/off season workouts in November with 1 practice for the month (November & December), beginning in January the teams will move to 3 practice per week with games scheduled as the weather permits.

Q: When and where are practices?
A: The Manager/Head Coach are responsible for arranging practice locations & times, so this will differ for each team. Once the season starts, your team will have their own page with practice date, locations and times. In general, hitting, fielding, outdoor, or indoor practices are typically two hours long and are held three times a week at various locations.

Q: When are games/tournaments played?
A: Each team is responsible for their own schedule and the Manager will provide that level of detail during their early season parent meetings. Once the season starts, your team will have their own page with game/tournament dates, locations, and times. 

Q: How many games will teams play during season?
A: The games will consist of scrimmages/games, and tournaments versus other select programs and we will play 55-60 games spanning from late January through late July of each year. Depending on if the team makes the finals for the tournaments, they could potentially play more.

Q: When does the Sammamish Baseball Club (SBC) season end?
A: The SBC season ends at the end of July each year.

Q: How long are the games?
A: Typical Baseball games are six innings and last approximately two hours.  If we schedule a double header the time would be doubled.

Q: What equipment do I need to buy my child?
A: You will be required to supply your child with baseball glove, baseball bat (see USA BAT STANDARD below) batting helmet, game pants, practice pants, girdle with cup and spikes.  Additional protective gear (batting gloves, head/elbow/wrist/shin guards) are at the discretion of the player and parent.


Q: What equipment does Sammamish Baseball Club (SBC) provide as part of the paid fees?

A: SBC provides 2 game jerseys, 1 game hat, 1 helmet, and one practice hitting jacket.

Q: Do practices/games still play if it is raining or there is an expected thunderstorm?

A: Yes. the Manager (practices) and Umpires (games/tournaments) will make the decision to call a game at the field site if weather becomes hazardous.

Q: Where are practice & games held?

A: The practice locations are determined by your manager in coordination with the Director of Scheduling and will be communicated via your team webpage and teamsnap.

Q: Games/Tournaments

A: The game and tournament locations are determined by your manager and will be communicated via your team webpage and teamsnap.